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Dear visitor, JER Truck Monitor is a system intended for monitoring truck traffic with an emphasis on monitoring diesel consumption and all standard functions such as collection and analysis of tachograph and position data, generation of reports, travel orders, route or trip log. It enables automated processes and includes fuel protection functions. As the only company, we have comprehensive know-how for our own development, production and services in this area, which makes it unique not only in Slovakia. We own and operate the development of the entire software infrastructure, including the map and routing system that runs on our servers, we have the development and production of capacitance probes for accurate measurement of the volume of diesel in reservoirs, the development and production of telemetry devices and peripheral devices such as e.g. CAN bus reader.

Real-time data tracking

We collect and process more than 50 different types of data that are located on the FMS and RDD buses, respectively fuel sensors if they are installed. Real-time data has a very small delay (3s) before it appears in the application on the screen. By default, the data density is set to 15 seconds, and the online data refresh interval is within 15 seconds. The technical capabilities of the system can provide a refresh interval of only 5 seconds and a density of collected data of 1s.

Diesel monitoring

Oblasti monitorovania nafty a výrobe kapacitných sond pre meranie nafty v nádržiach sa venujme viac než 10 rokov. Sondy nenakupujeme od externých dodávateľov, ale vyrábame pod vlastnou značkou, a preto sme schopní neustále zvyšovať ich kvalitu a spoľahlivosť. Bez sond nikdy nebudete mať reálny prehľad o nafte. 

Optimalizačná analýza

The JER Connect system provides valuable statistics on the operation of the vehicle, on the basis of which it is possible to predict malfunctions and thus prevent unnecessary service operations, to reveal the reasons for high consumption, to analyze the driver’s driving style, to educate drivers for the use of modern technologies in tractors, to obtain problem sections in which they should vehicle performance or consumption problems, diagnose errors reported by the control unit, (engine errors, safety, DDE, transmission, water in the washer, open door, ….)

Automatic reports travel orders and log book

It goes without saying that there are detailed reports Travel orders, Trip book and others, which can be generated for different periods such as weekly, monthly… Reports can be set so that they also go automatically for a certain period directly to your email without the need for manual generation.

Driver record and tachograph download

We offer a unique additional service, which is the automatic download of tachograph cards and DDD files. This action must be performed at least once a month, and the files must be archived according to the law. The service provides a fully automated download process without the need for any intervention. The files can be evaluated in a simple display environment and the driver card can be checked.

A single application for all devices

We provide one single app that has automatic updates, now and on all devices. The application can be accessed from anywhere and at any time, either via a web browser or directly installed on an iOS or Android mobile phone.

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Route planning

Routing – route planning is a part of the JER Connect app, with which it is possible to track the arrival/departure times of vehicles and thus effectively plan your routes.

Professional installation

We place maximum emphasis on the professionalism of our installations. We use quality materials and installations are carried out by trained experts in the field. You can see a sample of our work in the video.

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