diesel monitoring

is more important than anything else represents more than 30% of expenses

Long-term development of diesel monitoring

We have been working in the field of diesel monitoring and the production of capacity probes for measuring diesel in tanks for more than 10 years. We do not buy probes from external suppliers, but manufacture them under our own brand, which is why we are able to constantly improve their quality and reliability. Without probes, you will never have a real overview of the diesel in the truck.

What information about diesel we offer

Momentálne informácie

  • The state of the volume in the tank
  • Diesel fuel level of each tank separately
  • Total liters consumed
    Instant consumption / 100km
  • Instant consumption / hour
    Consumption from the beginning of the Ride/day/week/month

Consumption statistics - reports

  • Total
  • With the possibility of dividing into rides, months, weeks, days, hours
  • Liters burned idling and driving
  • Consumables for cruise control and retarder

Tank changes (each tank)

  • Refueling
  • Sudden losses
  • Loss on pause

What our probes provide you

  • Quick notifications about diesel leaks in the tank
  • Fast refueling notifications
  • You can view the current status of the tank, also every 20 seconds throughout the history

What do others not tell you?

Without a sensor, there is no data and no knowledge of reality.

Monitoring the volume of the tank in the tractor is not easy, since the surrounding environment of the vehicle is harsh for the electronics due to changes in temperature, humidity, dirt or mud. It is a challenge for reliability, tenacity and durability. Not everyone can do it, but we can. Choose JER and you are at the right address.

Why probes?

Everything is fine if the vehicle consumption from the control unit with the calculation from the invoices and the distance suits you,
which the vehicle overcame, until the moment when these two values start to diverge considerably.

Possible causes:

gradual regular declines during breaks
big differences in fueling
sudden losses and thefts
a damaged tank from which diesel was spilled
incorrectly calibrated consumption value in the control unit


You will not detect the previous problems, and at this moment, without monitoring the volume of diesel with the help of probes in each tank, you will remain clueless.

The following 2 samples compare the accuracy of the probes with the data from the "factory float" of the same refueling. Why is the factory "float" not enough? The following 2 samples compare the accuracy of the probes with the data from the "factory float" of the same refueling.

The accuracy of our probes

The volume of diesel is calculated from the water level, the accuracy of the probes is 1-2 mm. This means that the higher the tank, the higher the accuracy. The following screenshot shows the sensitivity and course of the diesel volume in both tanks of the tractor.

The following video shows the sensitivity of the diesel level change during the pause

Special custom-made probes

We provide probes of various types, with variable length, static length, but also extra long probes of more than 2m, which are intended for large volume reservoirs.

Support and care

Because we belong to the top in diesel monitoring systems, we provide our clients with a lifetime warranty throughout our cooperation. During the long-term development of probes for diesel monitoring, we constantly increase reliability and stability.
We do not buy probes from other manufacturers, but we manufacture them.
As a manufacturer, we have direct access to the installation of the device in the vehicle, so we can effectively improve the system. We can also solve damage to products by repairing them.


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