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The control for 3 phases minimizes the transmissions to the network

The main idea is to bring maximum efficiency of energy conversion from renewable sources to energy systems. The goal is a real benefit in the form of financial return and savings, as well as gratitude and responsibility for the resources that our planet provides us. Since 2018, the JER brand has started developing control hardware/software and algorithms for the maximum possible use of photovoltaic power plants.

Structure of JER EMS


The purchase price is always the most important parameter. Efficiency, or in other words efficiency, defines the ratio between the actually used and provided energy at the output of the photovoltaic panel. Here we count the losses. Losses in photovoltaic power plants can be very different for different suppliers. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate a number of parameters when choosing a supplier. Excessive losses can occur due to unbalanced panel performance and energy storage or in the case of low-quality equipment (regulator, inverter, distribution network, type of energy storage and BMS system, installation of panels, type of panels and others). One of the most important elements for efficiency is the logical structure of the control of all connected devices, the quality and speed of response of the control algorithms. The efficiency of JER EMS reaches 80-90%.

Accuracy and speed

JER EMS control algorithms are based on feedback – from simple measurements on the energy demand side and the combination of energy sources from panels, storage or grid. The basis is that these measurements must be accurate, frequently and very quickly evaluated, then used for inverter control. The goal is that the resource from the network is used the least and the penetration of excess energy into the network is minimal. JER EMS The unit evaluates data from all devices and electricity meters several times per second, while immediately setting the required power. One of the main parts of the so-called feedback – is the measurement of not only one electricity meter, but two electricity meters. For the needs of management, it is necessary to continuously measure not only the on-grid electricity meter, but also the electricity meter of the current demand for energy consumption. With this measurement, it is possible to achieve high efficiency with the correct design of power plant components.


All in one small device. The basic control hardware is the JER EMS Unit, which has small dimensions and connecting interfaces to all components. The main advantage of this concept is the price, ease of installation, and independent Internet based on the GSM network. This benefit provides the connection of the system to the JER EMS Portal from anywhere on earth without the need for an Internet connection at the installation site of the power plant.


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