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Multifunctional autonomous locator

The modern anti-theft GPS device is equipped with a local alarm that immediately deters the thief. When you move the bike, you will immediately receive an SMS, Internet notification or TrackHead will call you within 7 seconds to the entered phone number. A big advantage is the long battery life for one charge and the completely free app in every smartphone. In standby mode, it can protect your bike for more than 1.5 years. Thanks to the intuitive JER Connect app, you have perfect control over your bike, where you have information from the device’s sensors every 5 seconds. Historical data will not be lost, the application stores all information on a secure cloud. TrackHead also offers a large number of functions and detailed settings. You can even see the position of your bike instantly thanks to the 3D bike position function, where you can verify that the bike is standing intact. TrackHead is compatible with any modern MTB bike, road carbon or electric bike. It also offers the linking of STRAVA accounts for measuring segments and many other functions.



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