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CAN BUS signal READER over insulation

It ensures simple, safe and reliable reading of data from the vehicle’s data network. Without this device it was really very difficult to find the correct CAN bus wires. The processes of stripping the wires, soldering, compressing are lengthy and moreover they damage the insulation and can negatively affect the signals present on the CAN bus. After this method of connecting the device, in addition, there could be problems and also the warranty of the vehicle. That is why we have developed a high-quality device for non-contact reading of data, based only on electromagnetic induction, while these residual signals can be reliably decoded even through the insulation of the wires. This technology ensures that no interfering signals are sent to the vehicle’s CAN bus.

How it works?

  • Find the correct bus cables
  • The CAN READER is placed directly on the isolated wires of the CAN bus
  • Connect the connection cable from the telemetry unit
  • Diagnose the correct signal via the LED


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